re:seed shares the simple and effective technique of making and scattering seedballs. you are invited to scatter these seedballs at flood-affected locations in nashville, or anywhere else you deem in need of re:seeding. seedballs can be made with any type of seed, but we are focusing on phytoremediating plants that can help to repair soils contaminated with heavy metals and organic pollutants, green cover crops that will help to restore nutrients to the soil, and native plants that heal, either through medicinal properties or aesthetic beauty.
and phytoremediation

seedball recipe 1 and 2
seedballs: from fukuoka to green guerillas
sunflowers love heavy metal
phytoremediation website (missouri botanical garden)
seedballs are "a small universe in themselves", to quote masanobu fukuoka -- small models of the living world, made of compost, clay and whatever seeds fit inside. they can be tossed on the ground and left to germinate when and where time and conditions are right, which might be next week or next year or never. nature ultimately decides what will grow where, and when, and how, but we lend a friendly hand to the process.